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  • 4 April 2016
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PASS is proud to introduce Panorama Necto as an Exhibitor at PASS Business Analytics Conference 2016. Panorama Necto is a leading provider of business intelligence and data visualization solutions.

Tell us about your company and the tools/services you’ll be showcasing at the PASS Business Analytics Conference.

Panorama Necto is a self-service smart data discovery solution which leverages an engine that automatically simplifies the business users’ exploration and analysis. This results in better and faster answers, improving both productivity and decisions. Panorama Necto is powered by a unified and governed platform that highlights data visualization and utilizes its unique data-oriented collaboration.

Panorama Necto is the first Business Intelligence solution that provides business users with a smart, personalized and collaborative data discovery experience, presented via highly visual, dynamic Infographics, allowing any user to find and share hidden insights in a governed environment. Panorama Necto is a revolutionary Smart Data Discovery & Visualization platform that has the ability to connect data, insights, and people across your entire organization.

What are the top two trends you see shaping the analytics space in 2016? How are you positioned to help data professionals address these?

The top two trends that we are seeing are:

  1. Users want to be provided with Insights.
  2. There is a need for making sense of data and providing these insights automatically.

The way we are doing it is through our patented technology, which makes sense of data automatically in order to provide the relevant insights at the relevant time with the relevant people.

What should attendees look forward to learning about at your exhibit at the PASS Business Analytics conference?

We are doing something very unique; we are empowering organizations to be insight-driven. It’s not just about the KPIs, but also about the relevant insights that affect those KPIs.

In addition, we are going to show you that our solution doesn’t just answer your existing questions, but also answers questions you haven’t asked yet.

Read the Panorama Necto whitepaper on Revolutionizing Organizational Data.

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