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  • 30 March 2016
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PASS is proud to introduce Attunity as a Silver Sponsor of PASS Business Analytics Conference 2016. Attunity is a leading provider of Big Data management software solutions, which enable moving, preparing, and analyzing data efficiently.

Tell us about your company and the tools/services you’ll be showcasing at the PASS Business Analytics Conference.

Attunity provides Big Data management software that empowers enterprises to manage and deliver data more efficiently and effectively in multi-platform environments, thereby freeing up resources to focus on data science and innovation.

  • Attunity Replicate moves data at high speed across all major source and target platforms through a single “Click to Load” interface that completely automates the end-to-end data replication process.
  • Attunity Compose automates routine IT tasks associated with designing, creating, populating, and managing data warehouses and data marts
  • Attunity Visibility provides unprecedented insight into data warehouse and Hadoop Data Lakes, with detailed, granular visibility into business activity, data usage, and workload performance. With this information, IT teams can reduce costs and optimize performance.

What are the top two trends you see shaping the analytics space in 2016? How are you positioned to help data professionals address these?

The volume, variety and velocity of data all continue to rise, creating both opportunity as well as management burden for IT organizations. This is prompting enterprises to seek ways to overcome data integration and management challenges with automation.

Enterprises continue to embrace new data platforms, including open source, Hadoop, and SQL Azure, to optimize workloads that can integrate new data types for richer and often real-time insights.

What should attendees look forward to learning about at your exhibit at the PASS Business Analytics Conference?

The trends outlined above drive the need for enterprises to manage data efficiently and effectively across their increasingly complex SQL Server environments. We encourage attendees to visit our booth to see live demonstrations of our data management solutions that can help increase their productivity, help them glean better insights from their data, and increase their competitive advantage. We also invite attendees to attend our PASS breakfast session at 7am on May 4 to learn how Attunity automation and data usage analytics streamline data management and help to accelerate data mobility.

Visit the Attunity blog for more information about leveraging the Microsoft Data Platform in your analytics environment.

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