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What Is the Analyst’s Journey?

  • 26 August 2015
  • Author: PASS
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What Is the Analyst’s Journey?

The PASS Business Analytics Conference (BAC) 2016 covers the essential skills and technologies that can take today's in-demand business and data analytics professionals where they want to go in their careers. You can put this real-world knowledge and experience to work immediately to get more from your data.

We call this the “Analyst’s Journey”: from discovering data to leading business decisions, four learning paths lead you on the road to BA success:

· Discover & Integrate. Gain in-depth knowledge and best practices for modeling, collecting, and preparing data for analysis. Learn how to extract the data you need and how to integrate, combine, cleanse, reshape, and prepare data for analysis and discovery. Explore how to access and leverage Big Data using the latest technologies.

· Analyze & Interpret. Dig into the tools and techniques that enable sophisticated data analysis, from simple data sets to Big Data. Learn about statistics for data analysis, forecasting, text mining, and predictive analysis techniques to help predict future outcomes, simulate business scenarios, and optimize business processes. Explore KPI and metric development to support business objectives and drive value.

· Visualize & Inform. Learn how to better visualize and present your data. Explore visualization best practices, KPI considerations, and the principles of successful dashboard and report design. Gain insight on how to incorporate both big and small data in your visualizations, how to make your data interactive and actionable, and ultimately, how to become a better data storyteller.

· Communicate & Lead. Learn how to adapt a data governance strategy, better communicate data insights, gain executive buy-in, and help drive business decisions. From organizational and team-building skills to creating a data culture and successfully managing analytical projects, this track is designed to address the people, process, and technology challenges that exist in data today.

Learn more about the benefits behind these paths and then take your first step on the Journey and register for the conference!

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