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Missed the conference? See this Twitter Recap!

  • 24 April 2015
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Missed the conference? See this Twitter Recap!
Missed out on the conference? With these great tweets from the delegates, you can catch up on what happened:

"Seriously, this has been the best 3 days of my life." -- Matt Allington … @passbac #passbac #powerbi
Thanks @passbac for a most excellent conference this year! #passbac
2 days of intensive learning at @passbac. Going back to #Chicago exhausted but excited to implement so many actionable ideas.
Pretty sure that was the analytics version of a Dr. Dewitt talk. @sqlpass #passbac @crassociati
Seeing how #data will lead to future #innovation at #PASSBAC Santa Clara. Imagine an efficient city driven by analytics. #thefutureisnow

life is truly good. On clould 9 finalizing my content for @passbac . Fairly new perspective I learned from our customers recent.
#PASSBAC with @crassociati now, talking connected smart cities. We sense and respond to data. Senseable cities discussion at #Passbac
Didn't realize PowerQuery had data prep capabilities @MSPowerBI #passbac @passbac @FORR_Mgoetz
Modern #excel is much more than >1M rows!" - Dan Fylstra #passbac @passbac
Don't excuse your Data Scientist title - it's okay, the title is adapted now :)
Packed house listening to @r1c1 Chandoo @passbac telling everyone keep it simple - remove distractions - #AvoidGangdomStyle #thatsAquote
Its always exciting to meet new #friends at #conference. @passbac #passbac #passbi #data #analytics #excel
Wanted to say thanks to @passbac for a wonderful event and for inviting the students of @CalStateEastBay !!!! #passbac2015 #data #analytics
Thanks @passbac & @jenstirrup for inviting me to speak #PASSBAC. Very interesting crowd here. I know they’re interested in #dataleadership.
Amazing to see what we can achieve with big data! @passbac
WOW! Some products take more energy to make than you'll EVER get back from recycling. @passbac @SenseableCity @crassociati #PASSBAC
Using #flickr to identify drought in Italy by social media not moisture sensors - interesting. @passbac
Thanks to all who came to the #predictive #analytics workshop today at @passbac. Great questions and discussion. #passbac
Great session by @deanabb especially on the subjects on data understanding and preparation. Thx! @passbac - starting good.
The power of predicting through data! @passbac
Thank you, @MicoYuk for an inspiring keynote @passbac !
@MicoYuk delivering the message that #DataVisualization as story telling is what #BigData needs to BE! @passbac
That was a very good keynote. Thanks @MicoYuk #passbac
Focus shouldn't be on #BigData but BIG "Insights" #passbac @MicoYuk
#passbac the important thing of #BigData is to make it small and understandable again #dataviz #data - @MicoYuk @BIBrainz
Hey, well that's cool... as I'm working in the airport someone dropped by to say how much they enjoyed my session yesterday at #PASSBAC :)
The keynote speech at #passbac from @micoyuk was brilliant. Truly one of the sharpest minds in #BI. Follower her. cc:@sqlpass
the #passbac in Santa Clara CA was awesome. Learned so many new tips and tricks, met so many great #MSExcel experts.
Excel Mbps and bloggers. Selfie time #passbac
Had a blast this week at #passbac speaking about #powerbi designer and #powerquery - now back to Redmond!
#PASSBAC focus on Big Insights, not #BigData. The world's data is doubling every 2 years. We are creators, not consumers @MicoYuk
#passbac @jenstirrup: BI analysts are like Cassandra: Cursed to always tell the truth and have nobody believe them.
Jen @idigdata hit it on the head w/ mobile dashboard usage stats "If it takes 2 clicks on mobile you will loose 50% of users" #passbac
@MicoYuk It was great to meet you. Thanks for taking time to chat with us at #passbac
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