Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Carlo Ratti - Day One Keynote Speaker

MIT Professor, Architect and Engineer by training Carlo Ratti will join experts from around the world at the upcoming PASS BA Conference as the Day 1 Keynote Speaker, sponsored by Microsoft. In his role directing the Senseable City Lab at MIT, Carlo and his team explore the concept of a “real-time city” by studying the data gathered from sensors for urban planning projects to create dazzling new developments. Carlo currently serves as Head of the World Economic Forum ‘Global Agenda Council for Future Cities’. Learn more about Carlo and the PASS BA Conference.

Senseable Cities

The amount of data we generate today is impressive. According to some estimates, an amount equal to that produced from the dawn of civilization up until 2003 is now generated every couple days--an estimation that is itself a few years old. This is the domain of Big Data.

Big Data can help to reveal the pulse of the markets as well as their hidden dynamics--a useful instrument in forecasting trends and identifying new opportunities. Big Data has big consequences, especially when it is open. In such situations, citizens can transform data into responses, helping to promote behavioral change and civic engagement.

By sensing the data that we create--from the phone calls we make to the garbage we throw away--Professor Ratti and his team at the Senseable City Laboratory (a research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT]) and the design office Carlo Ratti Associati are changing the world of architecture.

Join Professor Ratti as he shares the discoveries made through this innovative use of data, and find out how data will change the buildings and cities of the future.

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Mico Yuk - Day Two Keynote Speaker

Mico Yuk is an 8-year veteran of using and teaching thousands globally how to harness the power of data visualization to create real business results. Mico speaks and blogs about everything business intelligence related and is the author of Data Visualization for Dummies (Wiley, 2014).

Mico is the founder of BI Brainz, a leader in enterprise visual solutions, and the BI Dashboard Formula (BIDF) coaching series, focusing on helping enterprises embrace a more visual culture. Her company has worked with leading organizations such as Kimberly-Clark, Shell, Nestle, Qatargas, Ericsson, and FedEx.

A highly sought-after global speaker and trainer, Mico has been noted by CNET, SAP Insider, TDWI, and other sites and was named one of the Top 50 Analytics Bloggers to follow. She enjoys visiting the Caribbean, where she was raised. You can learn more about her at

Visual Storyboarding: The Future of Useful and Intelligent Analytics

Even with all the hype surrounding business analytics and big data, many organizations struggle to create “useful and intelligent” analytics that deliver true business impact. Plagued by immutable data cultures that harbor silo-reporting practices, organizations must find innovative ways to re-engage their users and exploit data to stay ahead of competitors.

One of the most effective ways to foster innovation, remain competitive, and create a visual data culture is the use of storyboards to communicate knowledge and interpret experiences. Storyboarding is the future of Big Data analytics.

Join me to learn why and how companies like Shell, VISA/Mastercard, Nestle, Ericsson, and Kimberly Clark are using visual storyboarding to disrupt today’s data culture. I’ll discuss the scientific impact of storytelling and show you how it can drive user ownership, adoption, and deliver impact.

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