The Art of Prototyping Analytics

Speaker: Ken Raetz

Duration: 60 minutes

Have you been underwhelmed by the promised enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence implementation?
Do you find yourself stuck attempting to grow the use of analytics within your organization?
Is your company culture still stuck in doing it the “long and hard way”?
Does IT still hold the keys to implementing deep analytics?
With the introduction of Power BI and a growing set of cloud-based analytics capabilities, Microsoft has opened the door to agile analytics and enterprise reporting capabilities.  Like never before, leaders are able to develop and deliver the value of analytics “early and often”, and use this as a springboard to change the culture of analytics throughout the organization.  Power BI can be a critical component of a corporate analytics strategy, and by empowering business users to do what they do best (analyze the business), IT and business leaders can finally begin to change the culture of analytics.
In this session, you will learn:
•	To identify the barriers to changing your organization’s data culture
•	To find ways to create a bridge between IT and business leaders to gain access to critical resources and people
•	The importance of ROI on your analytics projects
•	To use Excel and Power BI as an effective tool to develop prototypes and production-ready analytic solutions.
•	How to empower key business leaders and analysts to further the data culture change throughout the organization.

Ken Raetz
Principal, Think Data Insights, LLC

Ken Raetz is a technology professional who has spent the past 15 years as a business intelligence and data warehouse architect, as well as a technical team manager for solutions across multiple BI... View More

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