Inventory Valuation Techniques with DAX and Tabular Models

Speaker: Marco Russo

Duration: 60 minutes

Inventory Valuation is a common problem in accounting, for which you might already have a dedicated software. From this point of view, a Tabular model should be only a reporting tool for data processed by other tools. However, the powerful in-memory engine allows alternative approaches to this problem, making it possible to do simulation and recalculation in minutes instead of hours. This technique, based on a combined use of Tabular models and DAX expressions, allows the implementation of more granular and accurate techniques in Inventory Valuation. This session shows several approaches to this scenario, using Analysis Services Tabular as a calculation engine to speed-up complete recalculation of Inventory Valuation caused by corrections to old transactions or particularly complex requirements in calculation definition.

Marco Russo
Consultant, SQLBI

Marco is a Business Intelligence consultant and mentor. He worked with Analysis Services since 1999, and wrote several books about Power Pivot, Power BI, Analysis Services Tabular, and the DAX... View More

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