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Dear (manager’s name),

The PASS Business Analytics Conference is coming up April 20-22 in Santa Clara, CA. After doing some research, I’ve found this to be the best business analytics conference to attend to give our department the greatest return on investment.

The conference is two full days of learning with a pre-conference day beforehand – training workshops, best practices, hands-on labs and networking with world-class analytics experts from around the world. What I am most excited about is the take-away knowledge that will let me hit the ground running when I return to the office.

I have carefully reviewed the conference sessions and found that the following, in particular, tie directly to our current initiatives:

In addition to the 60+ sessions to choose from, the conference offers a chance to meet and share knowledge with the best and brightest from the BA Community and Microsoft.

Here’s an approximate breakdown of the conference costs:

  • Airfare: $ XX
  • Transportation: (round trip taxi from airport to hotel) $ XX
  • Hotel: (2 nights at $249) $ 498
  • Meals: (3 days at $50) $ 150
  • General Registration Fee: $ 1745
  • Pre-conference Training Fee (optional): $ 595

Total: $ XXX

After the conference, I will create a post-conference report that will include major takeaways, tips and recommendations and I would like to schedule a debrief to share what I’ve learned with the rest of our team.

I am passionate about how data can transform business and would like the opportunity to attend the PASS Business Analytics Conference to see how we can make better data-driven decisions and take our company to the next level.

Thank you for your consideration,

(your name)

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