Advanced Excel Add-Ins

Zack Barresse
60 minutes
Visualize & Inform
Anybody can create an add-in for Excel. They're fast to create and easy to setup. Creating one which will work right out of the gates can take some time. In this session we will discuss an overview of "why" and "when" to go the route of an add-in. This session will assume you already know what an add-in is and how to create one, and will be targeted to a more advanced audience, perhaps those who've already created several add-ins. In many cases your business may have a resident Excel expert on-hand, or that might even be you. Going for outside help or consultancy can be an extremely expensive endeavor (not to mention how many bad developers there are). This means any add-in need which comes up could be handled by the resident guru. Is that you? Ranging from logical coding scenarios to shared add-ins over a network, this session will have pearls for your guru. Add-Ins can give your tools a beautiful and elegant UI and save you and your users countless hours of work by automating tasks.

Zack is an Excel expert consultant and co-author of ‘Excel Tables: A Complete Guide for Creating, Using, and Automating Lists and Tables’. He recently celebrated his 10th year as a Microsoft MVP for... View More

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