Social Listening for Richer Data, Unstructured Analytics

Speaker: Paco Gonzalez

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Analyze & Interpret

Organizations want to deliver better services and products to reach excellence. Our customers are telling us how we are doing, their thoughts, and expectations. Voice messages, call recordings, pictures, tweets, and text posts are just some examples of unstructured data. Cutting edge text analytics applications can help us take the next step towards innovation. This session will unlock the power of unstructured and text analytics. We will explore text/media analytics case studies ranging from social listening and sentiment to direct customer feedback. Join this session for a myriad of unstructured analytics real use cases, to identify what can be applied to your organization, and to start your own project next week!

Paco Gonzalez
Mentor, SolidQ

Paco is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and SolidQ Mentor, is the PASS Big Data Virtual Chapter Leader, SQL Saturday Barcelona Organizer and assistant at the PASS Atlanta BI User Group. He is... View More

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