Social Listening, Data Extraction & Discovery

Speaker: Paco Gonzalez

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Discover & Integrate

Facebook, Twitter or Yammer are just sources of our less structured data. Data can come in different formats i.e. mp3, text, streaming or videos. Extracting data to then cleanse and reshape it is not an easy task. Organizations must have this data available to understand what current and prospective customers are saying about the organization’s services and products. This session will show samples of how to use cutting edge Microsoft tools to capture, extract, store and process unstructured data to then do further analysis and machine learning. A real demo of social data capture using HDInisght, HBASE & Azure Machine Learning will be shown. Join this session for real social media analytics samples to work on with your organization.

Paco Gonzalez
Mentor, SolidQ

Paco is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and SolidQ Mentor, is the PASS Big Data Virtual Chapter Leader, SQL Saturday Barcelona Organizer and assistant at the PASS Atlanta BI User Group. He is... View More

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