Resistance is Futile: What You Need to Know about Big Data

Speaker: Michelle Ufford

Duration: 60 minutes

The data community is all abuzz about Big Data, and for good reason. Much like Business Intelligence before it, we're rapidly approaching the point where all information workers should have at least a cursory understanding of what Big Data is and how it applies to their profession. 

In this session, Michelle Ufford will introduce Big Data using concrete, real-world examples and will explain why she believes this topic is applicable to everyone. She’ll provide a brief introduction to Hadoop, including the technologies and languages most relevant to analysts. She’ll explore some common use cases and access patterns for analysts using Hadoop, including ad hoc querying and data visualization. Finally, she’ll conclude with Q&A and resources for learning more. 

If you’re still trying to understand Big Data and decide if it’s relevant to you, then this is a session you won’t want to miss! 

Michelle Ufford
Principal Architect, Netfix

Michelle Ufford leads centralized solutions for Data Engineering & Analytics at Netflix, where she’s focused on making it easier to develop & manage complex, high-value datasets. Previously, she led... View More

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